Surveillance you can take anywhere.

Portable video surveillance trailers provide you with high-powered cameras for temporary or mobile security. 

With tamper-resistant housings mounted on a compact trailer, these surveillance systems are ideal for rapid deployment. Trailers are available with battery or solar power or with diesel generators - to provide nearly unlimited runtime. These unique security solutions are available for both purchase or rental. Theses mobile surveillance trailers are perfect for construction sites, building or road construction, and temporary security solutions.

Stop Theft In Its Tracks

  • Cameras elevated up to 30 feet.
  • 26x zoom allows for detailed tracking of individuals.
  • Remotely access live and archived images and video.
  • Monitor and control multiple remote surveillance trailers.

Real World Solutions

For one of our customers, the portable video surveillance trailer was a perfect solution to their security problem. Cars in their employee parking lot were being broken into and vandalized. Employees were not only losing their property, but they were also scared for their personal safety. Because of the location, and the nature of the issue, a portable video surveillance trailer was the perfect solution for the job. The trailer was installed immediately, and in less than a week had helped to identify and apprehend the person responsible for the theft and damage.

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