Emergency service is available 24/7.  

Products and Services

Can you improve the wireless coverage in our business?

Yes, ClearCom can provide a no charge wireless survey of your business and design a custom solution to improve the coverage and performance of your wireless devices.

Do you offer a camera system that can be viewed on a phone/tablet?

Yes. ClearCom offers a variety of products that can be viewed and administered remotely, including camera and alarm systems.

Does ClearCom provide medical alert systems?

Yes, ClearCom can provide wireless panic buttons which interface with an alarm system. We do not however sell or install the standalone systems often advertised on the TV and Radio for elderly care or assistance.

I bought my camera system at Best Buy. Will you install it for me?

We would prefer NOT to install any equipment that we are unable to warranty.

My business is bringing in a new carrier/service. They told me that I am responsible for providing a service extension (interior wiring) up to the demarc. Does your company provide this service?

ClearCom can provide nearly any low voltage cabling for your business, including service extensions.

When can I have my alarm system installed?

Once we receive the signed quote and /or 50% down payment we will order the material. Once the material arrives we will call you to schedule the installation.

Contact and Scheduling

Are you able to get a technician onsite the same day an issue occurs?

We aim to fit every service call in same day, however service calls are based on appointments and first-come-first-served basis. With that being said, if we cannot get a technician on site that day, we will schedule a service call for the next available appointment in order to solve any problems in a timely manner.

What is the best way to reach someone to schedule service calls?

There are many forms of communication that we can be reached in order to schedule service. During office hours we can be reached by phone at 262-898-2020 or through the LiveChat function on our website. Outside of regular office hours we can be reached by leaving a voice mail or by email at [email protected].

When the office is closed (i.e. Weekends and Holidays) can we still have service work done?

If the office is closed for the weekends and Holidays we do have technicians available for emergency service calls.


Can I set up a reoccurring direct debit from my account for my monitoring invoice?

Yes, by providing your credit card information we can set up automatic payments for any reoccurring monitoring invoices. You can choose to pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. By pre-paying annually ClearCom will give you one month of the monitoring charge FREE.

Does ClearCom lease equipment, or provide financing?

ClearCom does not typically provide this service ourselves, however we do contract with 3rd party providers, which can provide leasing and other extended or incremental pay options.

What are your basic rates for service work?

Service work is billed on a time and materials basis depending on your specific needs. Prices may also vary if the work is completed outside of regular operating hours.

What is an Alarm Monitoring invoice?

This charge is for 24/7 Central Station Monitoring of the alarm system installed on your premises.