Mass Communication in Emergencies

I’m going to take a few moments to talk about something that we all wish wouldn’t happen: Emergencies.

We all know someone that works in a corporate building. We all know school-aged children or have children in schools, ourselves. While we like to think that our loved ones are safe in those buildings we know there is always the possibility that something can happen beyond our control.

Without warning, natural and human disasters can take place, anytime or anywhere. Tornados, hurricanes, fires, and shootings are just a handful of examples that leave vast destruction in their wake. While it is difficult to anticipate the time and place of these disasters, there are precautions we can take to make our schools and workplaces safer.

A key safety measure to implement in any building or site is an alert network, such as the Mass Notification System. Mass Notification is a system that is designed to help protect lives. By indicating the existence of an emergency and instructing building or site occupants on what actions to take using concise, accurate, timely, and well directed messages, Mass Notifications can be used to save lives or immediately communicate vital information in many situations, including:

  • School Safety
  • Weather Alerts
    • Tornadoes
    • Floods 
    • Hurricanes
  • Public Security
    • Terrorist Threats and Attacks
    • Criminal at Large
  • Public Health
    • Bioterrorism
  • Power Outages
  • System Loss
    • Banking
    • Stock Markets
    • Commodity Trading
    • Currency Trading
  • Food or Water Contamination
  • Amber Alerts

Utilizing the primary system functions below, learn how your business or school could benefit from a Mass Notification System by ClearCom:

Unified Multi-Channel Notification – With integration of IP-based systems and the ability to communicate with almost all modern communication devices, the Mass Notification System provides a fast, easy, and effective way to send layered notifications from a single web-based interface.

Comprehensive Threat Response – With a comprehensive emergency communication solution, organizations have a greater ability to quickly react to large-scale threats (such as major weather patterns, pandemics, terrorist activity and more) which require rapid and pervasive mass notification.

Reduces Spread of Misinformation – Sending layered, multi-channel, and/or targeted notification campaigns helps control the message and avoid misinformation being distributed to help deter rumors.

• Rapid and Pervasive Peach – An emergency-class notification system will notify hundreds of thousands of people through network-connected devices in minutes.

• Precise communication – System administrators can easily deliver detailed and tailored communications based on the threat or scenario.

• Reduces Response Time – Faster communication to selected team members or communities at large effectively reduce response time which can save lives and minimizes costly business interruptions.

For more information on this and other ClearCom communication solutions, contact a member of our team today.