We are looking for people with all different skill sets to join the team that are good at problem solving, troubleshooting and have the ability to learn new things. We are a smaller close knit company, where there is open communication, everyone knows each other and management is open to new ideas. Our benefits and pay are comparable in the industry and the company is flexible.

— Darren, Lead Technician, 2+ Year Employee


Clearcom is a fun place to work, because we do different things and are not always doing the same thing everyday. I’m learning quite a bit and enjoy the good camaraderie with the crew. We have a family type atmosphere and are allowed to be our own person here.

— Jason, Intall Tech, 2-Year Employee


If you like an environment where you’re not behind a desk and get to apply yourself on a variety of tasks that expand your knowledge then Clearcom is the place for you. We provide a great atmosphere and get to work with great customers that really love working with us. If you apply yourself Clearcom invests in you, from sending you to classes to putting you in scenarios that challenges your skills from the start.

— Mike, Technical Project Manager, 3.5-Year Employee


We get to work behind the scenes of a lot of really cool local businesses, and our work is always different. I’m constantly learning, and enjoy that I get to work with my hands on a variety of projects from cameras to access control to fire systems. We have a great team and switch it up so we get the chance to work with everybody. Having holidays and weekends off is really nice, too!

— Max, Low-Voltage Tech, 3-Year Employee